Dear Divas, We’re hard at work behind the scenes creating a new kind of couponing experience for you. We wanted to make finding coupons easier and more mobile. So many coupon sites look the same. They’re LOADED with ads, tons of EXPIRED coupons, and are SO hard to navigate. And forget mobility. Even the biggest coupon sites require you to download an app for your phone to access them on mobile, that is, if your lucky enough to have the “it” phone of the month (and YOU keep your “app” updated.) We’re trying to change that. We’re working with our coupon partners and using YOUR amazing feedback from recent surveys to help guide us on building a newer, more modern coupon site from scratch! This won’t be a quick and easy solution. This isn’t going to be about changing a few colors on a page and calling it an “upgrade”. You deserve better tools and less junk standing in your way when trying to finding great coupons and go about your day. We want to help. Some of our long time readers will start noticing changes that they have suggested to us actually coming to life on the site in the weeks and months ahead. Please pardon our dust as we complete this new section, and build future sections. Together, we’ll head into uncharted waters and try to do what hasn’t been done before. We hope the results are worth the wait. And if you’d like to share your thoughts on what you see so far feel free to email us at “feedback” at Thanks, -Kitty